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"The card system is excellent. I feel like I own each thought as I hold the card, which is unlike looking at a remotely projected image appearing on a wall. The cards communicate clear and organized information in an easy to use manner."

-- Kent Barley, President, TTW Incorporated

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How to Use the Innovation Planner
Benefits and Applications


The Innovation Plannerô is a 170-card set of innovation strategies and solutions used for rapid, effective, and efficient problem solving and idea generation. Based on the I-TRIZ methodology, the Innovation Plannerô increases the creative power of innovators within minutes of opening the box, expanding the menu of possibilities at the top of each innovatorís mind. Users learn to make better decisions faster by combining already proven ideas into unique solutions that get the job done.

The Innovation Plannerô will enhance the quality and quantity of your ideas in any situation that requires creativity. This translates into competitive advantage, pure and simple. You could spend thousands of dollars to attend seminars and courses in order to learn the information presented by the Innovation Plannerô. Or, you could enhance your power to innovate right now for a fraction of the cost.

There are 7 types of cards in the Innovation Planner deck:

  • Operators -- Solutions for systems that provide the ways to solve problems. 85 cards
  • Resources -- Properties and attributes of systems that provide the means to solve problems. 37 cards
  • Center of Gravity -- Location within the system where a solution is or could be applied. 16 cards
  • Concept -- Idea behind how the problem will be solved. 7 cards
  • Decision Cycle -- Strategic parameters of how the problem will be solved. 7 cards
  • Organizational Resources -- The capacity of the supporting organization to provide the ways and means to solve problems (these are solution constraints). 9 cards
  • Resolve Contradictions -- Methods for which a system can exhibit two or more conflicting properties or attributes. 5 cards

How to Use the Cards


Each Innovative Plannerô card contains a strategy, a basis for why that strategy works, and a question that helps you consider that strategy within your solution.  The questions also serve to link each card to any other card in the deck, meaning that if a way to use a desired strategy is not obvious to you, than you will likely find that answer within one of the other cards from the deck. So in the same way writers can combine the existing letters of the alphabet to create unique words and combinations of words, you can combine the existing principles of invention into limitless unique solutions.


For example, one of the universal principles of invention is to remove unnecessary parts.  Why is this useful?  Anything unnecessary within a system detracts from its performance. This is why most racing cars do not have passenger seats and stereos. This is why reconnaissance planes do not carry munitions. This is why cave fish that live in the dark do not have eyes.


Now, if the reconnaissance plane is flying in hostile territory, you might ask how it can survive without munitions. Further cards will discuss such ideas as hiding the vulnerable (use stealth technology) or rush through (fly very fast) or separate elements (fly higher than hostiles can reach). Combinations of ideas lead to the total solution.


Benefits you can expect from the Innovation Planner


The presentations below illustrate three Innovation Planner applications:


Planning -- How to use the Innovation Planner to expand possibilities in your business planning process. This presentation also serves to provide a general overview of the product.


Problem Solving -- How to use the Innovation Planner for rapid, effective, and efficient problem solving.


Product Development -- How to use the Innovation Planner to improve upon existing products and expand into new areas of opportunity.


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