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Description of the IPS process
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Evolution of I-TRIZ Inventive Problem Solving


The Ideation Process
for Inventive Problem Solving (IPS)

Ideation has developed a 5-step process to help individuals solve inventive problems in a systematic way using the Innovation WorkBench® software.

1. Use the Innovation Situation Questionnaire® (ISQ) to:

  • Document the problem situation (including: structure and functioning of the system, system environment; mechanism of the problem; problem history).

  • Apply the system approach to examine multiple approaches for attacking the problem.

  • Formulate an ideal vision of the solution.

  • Identify contradictions associated with the problem situation.

  • Identify the inventive resources associated with the system.

  • Define the constraints and limitations to system change.

  • Define the success criteria.

2. Formulate Directions for Innovation

  • Use the Problem Formulator® to create cause-effect models of the problem situation.

  • Generate a near-exhaustive set of opportunities for system change.

  • Screen and select appropriate directions.

3. Generate ideas

  • For each selected direction, proceed through a guided, knowledge-based brainstorming process using the I-TRIZ System of Operators.

4. Develop concepts

  • Combine ideas into concepts.

  • Apply I-TRIZ Lines of Evolution to improve the concepts.

5. Evaluate results

  • Evaluate the concepts against the success criteria.

  • Identify and address subsequent tasks (secondary problems).

  • Reveal and prevent potential failures that might arise during implementation.


Evolution of the I-TRIZ
Inventive Problem Solving (IPS) Application

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