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For Immediate Release—Energy Voyager and Ideation International to Help Key Clients Build Strategic IP Portfolios
July 10, 2006

Energy Voyager, Inc. (www. energyvoyager.com) and Ideation International, Inc. (http://www.ideationtriz.com/) announced today their new joint service to help a select group of clients build their Strategic Intellectual Property (IP) Portfolios.

“In turbulent environments like global energy markets where disruptive technologies can create or close down businesses overnight, the ability to invent and innovate on demand has become an essential competitive asset. Energy Voyager’s Collaborative Business Intelligence Network (CBIN) product can serve as the tentacles, eyes, and ears to pick up the “weak” signals at the periphery, including the IP plays, which can make or break a company,” says Julian Gresser, Energy Voyager’s Chairman and CEO.

“For over ten years Ideation International has used its proprietary i-Triz methodology to help hundreds of companies build their IP Portfolios. In these uncertain times where Patent Trolls are trawling IP waters looking for deep pocket companies to sue, the insurance policy of a fortified Strategic IP Portfolio is an essential responsibility of management,” says Ideation’s Chairman and CEO, Zion Bar-el.

Energy Voyager/Ideation’s new Strategic IP Portfolio Service includes:

  • Diagnosis—A quick initial preview of the client’s vulnerabilities and opportunities.
  • Action Plan—A specific Road Map based on the “deconstruction” of client’s core patents, creation of a Competitive IP Map, identification of targeted breakthroughs, and development of a strategy to monetize these breakthroughs effectively.
  • Execution—The Energy Voyager/Ideation Team becomes the Delta Force ™ to help their clients accelerate the targeted breakthroughs and implement the Action Plan.

Inquiries should be addressed to Julian Gresser (jgresser@energyvoyager.com); Tel: 1-805-563-3226; Zion Bar-el,(zbarel@ideationtriz.com); Tel: 1-248-737-8854.

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