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Ideation International is the leading provider of innovation software based on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) and the TRIZSoft theoretical foundation.

The TRIZSoft® line of innovation products is designed to help individuals achieve consistent, expeditious solutions to complex problems. Novices, enthusiasts and certified TRIZ practitioners will find TRIZSoft® applications easy-to-use and capable of accelerating the process of successful technological innovation.

These TRIZSoft® products are currently available:

Innovation WorkBench® – a comprehensive professional tool for inventive problem solving.

Ideation Brainstorming – a simplified tool for solving problems of light to medium complexity in individual or team work format.

Knowledge Wizard – a professional tool for inventive problem solving in non-technical areas (business, management, marketing, logistics, etc.).

Failure Analysis – a professional tool for revealing root causes of undesired effects (accidents, failures, production defects, etc.) and their elimination (prevention).

Failure Prediction – a professional tool for predicting possible undesired effects and events (accidents, failures, production defects, etc.) and their prevention.

The following TRIZSoft® applications are under development:

Intellectual Property Management – a professional tool for evaluating and enhancing patents, disclosures, and applications, "inventing around" patents, and protecting patents from inventive competitors.

Ideation Brainstorming for solving non-technical problems – a tool for solving problems in business, management, marketing, logistics, etc. in an individual or team setting.

Directed Evolution

Research WorkBench

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