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Other articles on TRIZ and I-TRIZ

Latest papers posted on this web site:

"A Brain for Intelligent Design" by Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman

What Does I-TRIZ Offer the Quality Manager? by Cal Halliburton, from the Winter 2005 issue of The Quality Management Forum.

What Innovation Is: How Companies Develop Operating Systems for Innovation, a CSC white paper by Howard Smith.

Innovation WorkBench (IWB) Software Case Study: Containment Ring Problem (the final installment in a comparative case study using the Contradiction Table, Improver software, and the Innovation WorkBench software) by Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman and Len Kaplan

TRIZ Elects a President, by Vladimir Proseanic and Svetlana Visnepolschi


Solving Scientific Problems Using TRIZ, by Boris Zlotin, Alla Zusman, Len Kaplan, Svetlana Visnepolschi, Vladimir Proseanic and Sergey Malkin





Innovative Problem Solving; Composite Flywheel Structural Improvement, by Scott Keeley and Dana W. Clarke, Sr.
TRIZ Within the Context of the Kano Model, or Adding the Third Dimension to Quality, by Steven Ungvari
The Dilemma of Improving Quality in New Product Development, by Larry R. Smith, Boris Zlotin, and Alla Zusman
Integrating TRIZ with Value Engineering: Discovering Alternatives to Traditional Brainstorming and the Selection and Use of Ideas, by Dana W. Clarke, Sr.
ARIZ on the Move:
--- Introduction, by Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman
--- The History of ARIZ Development, by G. S. Altshuller
--- Problems of ARIZ Enhancement, by Boris Zlotin and Alla Zusman
I-TRIZ: The Next Big Thing? by Yonathan Mizrachi
Ideation/TRIZ: Innovation Key to Competitive Advantage and Growth, by Tomasz Arciszewski and Boris Zlotin
A New Model of the Conceptual Design Process using QFD/FA/TRIZ, by Noel León-Rovira and Ing. Humberto Aguayo
The Preparation and Operation of a Workshop; Insuring VE Success, by J. Jerry Kaufman


TIES - The Magazine of Design and Technology Education: TRIZ: The Wow Factor by Cal Halliburton

The Manufacturer.com: Innovation, Soviet Style by Rich Weissman -- How does a problem solving methodology developed in 1940s Russia help companies today?

PROFIT, Oracle's e-Business Magazine: Seeing the Forest for the TRIZ

Machine Design: A systematic way to solve technical problems (pdf)

Salon.com: The science of invention by Mark Wallace  Can a theory cooked up by a Soviet labor camp survivor solve today's thorniest engineering problems -- and make the world a better place?

Machine Design: Inventive Troubleshooting (pdf) -- article on Anticipatory Failure Determination™.

Control Engineering International (follow the links to Technology Update: Safer Process Control Designs).

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